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Our Mission

Hailing from Southern New Jersey, Dana Isles and Facedown have gotten together to write songs and lead worship together.  We have a passion to energize believers, give hope to non believers reminding everyone that no matter what, Jesus longs for relationship with each person.  Our band members are Dana Isles (lead vocals, acoustic guitar and lyricist), Tammy Vaughn (drums and background vocals), Jen Baker (Bass guitar), Gary Bailey (Lead guitar) and Lois Robinson (Keys and background vocals).  We would love to meet you!  


What Inspires Us

Despite sharing different backgrounds, hobbies, and interests we join together to create music solely to lead people to Jesus. When playing live we try to lead others to Jesus knowing full well He alone has what each listener needs.  While enjoying rocking out, we believe that creating the atmosphere for people to encounter God is the most important thing.  We are real people who love Jesus and need to be loved by Him. 


Our Influences

Our music blends rock, soul, and blues to create a different sound.   We are real people who have struggled with real issues and the lyrics of the songs reflect that.  Our influences run from church drummers to Diana Ross.  It's an eclectic group creating an eclectic sound.  

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Dana Isles and Facedown

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